Charitable Eye Care

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Each year around the holidays, many of the Eye Care Center surgeons head to rural Jamaica with the Eye Health Institute, a non-profit organization that works to provide comprehensive eye care to underserved populations. During this trip, we provide eye exams and surgical care for hundreds of people who otherwise do not have the means to monitor their vision and eye health.

Over the years, the volunteers at the Eye Health Institute have served over 8,000 people and provided more than 4,000 pairs of glasses at no charge. Our surgical team has performed more than 60 sight-restoring procedures, including cataract surgery, pterygium removal, and corneal transplants.

Memorable experiences of our doctors:

There was a young woman patient who had been legally blind for more than a decade who burst into tears when she received glasses; she had not seen her mother’s face since she was a young child.

I worked with women who had lost the ability to sew because of their diminished eye site. This had been their only way to make a living and it made me so proud to give them the opportunity to return to work as seamstresses all because they received a pair of reading glasses.

A young boy was failing in school and was diagnosed with a learning disability. After my exam, it was clear that he was highly nearsighted. After fitting him with glasses, he could once again participate in classroom activities and resume learning alongside his classmates.

Our doctors are inspired to volunteer with the Eye Care Institute year after year because of the great impact that they are able to make in the life of each individual that they help.