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Body Procedures

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Dr. Meyers performs body procedures for patients who are seeking to remove excess fullness or see enhanced contouring of their figure. These procedures are most commonly used to reshape stubborn areas of the body that are resisting the patients’ best efforts toward diet and exercise. Because everyone’s body type is unique, Dr. Meyers individually consults with each patient to determine and make recommendations for their desired outcome.

Body Liposuction


Patients may be born with unwanted fullness or have this develop with changes in metabolism. Liposuction with a tumescent technique utilizing microcannulas is considered the gold standard for reducing fullness that is unresponsive to a medically-monitored diet and exercise routine. Read more…


If your abdominal area is the “Achilles heel” of your physique due to pregnancies, extreme weight loss, genetics, or aging, a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) procedure might give you the toned abs you work so hard (but fail) to achieve. Read more…

FAMI/Fat Transfer

As part of the aging process, our bodies lose volume. This can occur with all tissues, including fat. The facial area results in a loss of support to the overlying skin, resulting in looseness and a more tired and aged appearance. Read more..

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