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Want Beautiful Skin? Me too..

Alex here, I happen to be one of the new girls around the Eye Care Center office. I’ve worked in the Ophthalmology setting before and was so excited to come on board at another practice that helps people improve or maintain their vision. And since Meyers Aesthetic Center is part of the same practice, I feel like I have walked into the best of both worlds! What woman doesn’t love beauty products and treatments galore?! Even the laid back Colorado woman, whether she’s bohemian or country, can’t deny the desire for flawless skin and a natural beauty that doesn’t require make-up.

Needless to say, I wanted to try all of the products and services I could get my hands on; give me, give me! After having dealt with blemishes in my teen years and a minor scare about a mole on my face after college, I was left with acne scars on my cheeks and a relatively deep indent where my mole used to be.

I read up on this thing called the “Dermapen” (Derma-hoobie-whatie?) that I had heard about when I started here. I found that it’s a tool used on the face, consisting of a number of fine needles, and it’s about the size of, you guessed it, a pen! It’s said to help with scars, acne, and wrinkles by helping skin to generate more collagen and elastin. Still thinking about my mention of needles? So am I. It sounds a painful, I imagine myself looking like a prize-fighter walking out of that kind of an appointment. Nevertheless, after looking at all of the testimonials, along with before and after pictures, I’m going for it! I asked Tamara, our Aesthetician about this during my consultation and we decided to go forward with appointments consisting of a Microdermabrasion followed by treatment with the Dermapen.

This short video shows how the treatment works

Here on the blog you will find a candid account of my experiences. Stay tuned for an update after my first appointment!

~ Alex