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It was a great night for Softball, a little late but at least the weather held up. Coachie was very happy to see TEAM ECCNC full of ECCNC employees eager and excited to play ball. Free agency was good to the team this year as Coachie was able to sign Dr Kanoff,Jason, Kelly, Karen, Bernie, and although she was absent last night Dr. Sheth.  Returning from last years squad was Dr. Rothstein, Gary, Carmen, Celina, Mike C and Coachie. ECCNC took their shot at offense first and quickly jumped to an early lead led by a crushing triple hit by Celina “Its not my first one ” Calvo. As ECCNC went on defense our new star outfielder Karen “I will catch anything you hit to me” Mccarty got the first out with ease. That was followed up by a nice double play Micah “MVP” Rothstein to end the first inning shutting down Skeye Brewing at no runs scored. At this point normal stadiums would be roaring with excitement and applause for such a great start. Our one dedicated fan that came to the game cheered and was much appreciated, Thank you Dawn W.! ECCNC was dominant for much of the game. There were so many great hits put on by everyone including the new members of TEAM ECCNC. Mike “Quick like cheetah” Cardwell and Micah “MVP” Rothstein got their usual inside the park homeruns. A new addition to the offensive attack was Jason “I can hit like those guys too” Cinti getting his first triple of the season.  Some of the players who stated they hadn’t played in a long time or lacked experience sure didn’t show it as ECCNC built a 9-3 lead heading into the last inning as time was expiring. As Skeye Brewing took its last chance at offense they gave ECCNC the only hiccup of the game. The hiccup quickly turned to a coughing attack as the score went from 9-3 to 9-9 as a result of a few missed opportunities to get the final 3 outs. With 2 outs and the winning run on third base,  our fan support Dawn “It may be late but I’m here to support the team” Willyard on the edge of her seat, ECCNC got the final out to head to extra innings tied at 9. The inning turned out to be the way ECCNC started. As Micah “MVP” Rothstein entered the batters box he had the bases loaded with his opportunity to put ECCNC back in front. As he did the times before he sent a shot deep into the outfield clearing the bases and giving ECCNC the final spark they needed. At the end of the teams offensive assault the score was 15-9. ECCNC was so pumped the defense shut down Skeye Brewing quickly and the final score on the board was 15-9. The first game was a huge success and not just because of the win. It was because ECCNC went thru every aspect of a game that you could go thru. There was dominance and then there was adversity. No matter what was going on and no matter what the score was, ECCNC showed the definition of team work. There was constant support, encouragement, and Unity. I am truly excited for the rest of the season and a proud to be apart of this years team. Win or lose I can tell this years team will be full of laughs, entertainment, fun, and a few bruises. Shout out to Bernie for “taking one for the team” off the tail end of her first game! GO TEAM ECCNC!!!

To be continued……………….