Low Vision Services

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At The Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado, our specialists treat virtually all sight threatening conditions known.  Sometimes, due to advanced or aggressive disease, even despite the best care, diseases like macular degeneration and glaucoma can result in a condition known as low vision. This is any level of vision impairment that prevents the patient form seeing adequately performing their activities of daily living.   Other conditions like strokes or head trauma may also result in low vison.  Low vision does not mean legally blind and may occur at a huge range of visual acuities depending on the individual patient.  We at The Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado believe that low vision does not have to mean your visual life is over and have partnered with Ensight skills center (link https://ensightskills.org/) to provide low vision services at out Longmont and Lafayette locations.

Watch a video about the Ensight Skills Center below.