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Get a County of Boulder Eye Exam for the Whole Family


While many people fear going to their dentist or other health physicians, everyone knows that they can only put these appointments off for so long.  The same is true of vision.  Eye health is just as important as the health for the rest of your body, so for those in the Boulder, Colorado area we implore you to not put off scheduling an eye exam.

Our offices, which serve the Front Range, are located in Boulder, Longmont, Lafayette, and Greeley, and we use the most advanced technology to diagnose eye problems and diseases and also perform routine eye exams.  We encourage you to bring the whole family in for a yearly examination, as our eye doctors and specialists can review the eye health of all ages.  If a patient is diagnosed with an eye condition, we can provide treatment in any of our four locations.

Our eye doctors and highly-trained and experienced surgeons in the Boulder area specialize in all ocular areas and provide treatment for things such as glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, cataracts, dry eye syndrome, macular degeneration, and retina and LASIK surgery. 


Glaucoma occurs when the nerves in the eye are damaged from long-term buildup.  Patients can have narrow angle glaucoma, which shows no symptoms; closed angle glaucoma, where symptoms and pain can occur without warning; and chronic open angle glaucoma, where symptoms often develop slowly.  All of these forms of glaucoma are serious and require treatment.  Dr. Rothstein is our physician who specializes in glaucoma, and he cares greatly about his patients!

Diabetic Eye Disease and Cataracts

Those who already have diabetes have to be careful not to develop diabetic eye disease, which can lead to diabetic retinopathy.  Without immediate treatment, diabetic retinopathy can cause permanent loss of vision.  Cataracts can also rob vision as the eye lens begins to glaze and lose focus.  Surgery is a common solution.  Intraocular lens implantation requires only a tiny cut made in the eye.  To preserve vision, the patient receives a replacement called an intraocular lens.

Dry Eye Syndrome

While almost everyone experiences dry eyes once in a while (especially those of us who call Colorado home), with dry eye syndrome irritation does not go away.  Tissue in the eye can be damaged the more that a person rubs their eyes to try and make the pain disappear.  While dry eye syndrome is incurable, Restasis eye drops or artificial tears can add moisture back to the eyes.  Our cornea specialist, Dr. Andrews, is well educated in the treatment of this condition and has multiple different treatments to fit the various needs of his patients!

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is another big threat to vision that should be diagnosed sooner than later.  The retina stops functioning optimally, causing the macula to fail in the process.  A person can have wet or dry macular degeneration, but both are more likely to develop as they get older.  With dry macular degeneration, the macula loses fluid, as the name suggests.  With wet macular degeneration, excessive fluid in the form of blood from popped vessels damage the macula.  Inhibitor injections can treat both kinds.  We have three specialists here in our clinic; Dr. Benedict, Dr. Tilton and Dr. Kanoff, all who specialize in the treatment of such conditions!

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By obtaining an eye exam, you can find out if glasses are needed, then head down to our Longmont or Boulder optical locations to seek additional assistance.