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Boulder Eye Care & Surgery Center Doctors Male doctor Patient 300x300 - The Basics of Maintaining Good Eye HealthMany people rarely give much thought to their vision until they begin to experience problems with their eyes. This is unfortunate because there are some eye conditions that can be circumvented with proper eye care.  For instance, when you live in or near Boulder, the outdoor mecca of Colorado, wearing sunglasses with UV protection while outdoors may be instrumental in preventing the development of cataracts and certain other conditions such as macular degeneration.  Those who play sports should also be careful to protect their eyes with gear in the form of goggles that were designed for that very purpose.

Indoors, air conditioners and furnaces can create dry atmospheric conditions that can dry out the eyes, so it is important to have a humidifier to keep this from happening. Lubricating eye drops may also help prevent eyes from becoming irritated due to lack of moisture.

Those who wish to maintain optimal eye health should schedule comprehensive eye exams on a regular basis.  Certain common eye conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration can only be detected by a dilated eye exam.  Catching these conditions early can help stop them from seriously impairing the patient’s vision.  People who have diabetes should also have their vision checked often so that diabetic eye disease can be caught and treated while it is still in the early stages.

Patients should also make a point of knowing the eye health history of their families because many eye diseases and conditions are hereditary.  This will help to ensure that the eye care professional knows what to watch out for in order to make educated decisions to accurately treat developing symptoms.

Consuming the right types of food can also have a significant impact on eye health.  Carrots and other foods rich in beta carotene have long been considered excellent foods for those interested in maintaining healthy eyes.  Other great foods for eye health include kale, spinach and mustard or collard greens.  Foods that contain substantial amounts of Omega 3 acids are also considered by eye care professionals to be excellent dietary choices for those trying to maintain healthy eyes.

A high body mass index or being overweight may also increase changes of developing certain eye conditions such as diabetic eye disease and glaucoma, so those with a family history of these ailments should discuss the situation with their physician and work out a plan to maintain a healthy weight level.  Above all, people should make certain that they visit their eye doctor on a regular basis.

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