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Last week I had my second treatment of microdermabrasion and Dermapen.

Let me start off by saying, quite a bit has happened in Colorado between last Thursday and today! I had my second Dermapen treatment last Tuesday but like most of us, wound up a little distracted by the weather and trying to get out of the path of these overflowing rivers. I hope that you and your family are safe and sound and beginning to dry out!

It looks like the Colorado sunshine is coming back, hopefully that will make for additional road re-openings and begin the process of rebuilding homes and infrastructure. I count myself blessed to have only dealt with the minimal stresses of getting out of downtown Longmont during the evacuation on Thursday and being trapped at home for a few days, stuck between muddy roads, while others worried for their homes, their belongings, and their loved ones.

To get your mind off of the newfound bodies of water across the state, I am here to tell you more about the Dermapen. Now, last time I wrote about this, it was my first experience with the treatment and it was certainly not what I expected! This time, I went into my appointment completely relaxed and excited, knowing what was coming, and what to expect in the next few days.

Tamara started with a microdermabrasion again this time, and this time, it felt very comfortable. She said, “Doesn’t it feel like a cat licking your face?” Yes, that is probably the weirdest way to describe a sensation, right? But, that is exactly what it felt like! I promise you, if Tamara uses a description similar to this, believe her, she is spot on! It helps that she has experienced all of the treatments that she offers.

Now, since I had responded to the Dermapen well the first time, Tamara decided to use a slightly deeper needle setting on my cheeks this time around, as that is where the majority of my scarring is; she even went over my deepest scar a few extra times. Naturally, a more aggressive treatment leaves a more noticeable aftermath, and there was a little bit of bleeding in that one spot, but overall I was just slightly more red than last time, still nowhere near the tomato-color face I had anticipated having before!

Oddly, I haven’t seemed to experience quite as much dryness in the days following my Dermapen treatment as I did last time, but that may have something to do with the amount of moisture currently in Colorado’s air.

I have about four more treatments to go within the next four months, and results are supposed to begin to show about three months after the first treatment. While I am not looking forward to showing you my “before” pictures, I cannot wait to see them next to my “after” pictures!

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