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Longmont and Boulder Lasik Services

When you visit Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado you can access the very latest LASIK treatment, delivered by top LASIK doctors, and conveniently located in Boulder, Greeley, Longmont and Lafayette. OptiLASIK™ Laser Vision Correction combines today’s most advanced surgical technologies into a procedure that works with your eyes’ special traits, for treatment that’s as unique as you are! You won’t have to travel far from home to receive this exemplary eye care; it’s available right here in the Boulder area and surrounding region.

Personalized LASIK Treatment

In the past, all LASIK procedures reshaped your eyes based solely on your glasses or contact lens prescription – as a result, everyone got the same basic treatment. These days, advanced LASIK systems like OptiLASIK™ Laser Vision Correction are different. Utilizing the advanced diagnostic technology of the Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q Laser, OptiLASIK™ Laser Vision Correction actually creates a “map” of your eyes. This “map” is your own personal vision profile, capturing your eyes’ one-of-a-kind quirks and characteristics. By using your “map” as a guide, your surgeon is better able to personalize the LASIK procedure, for your best results.

More Natural Eye Shape

Early LASIK procedures reshaped your eyes without considering the way your eyes naturally curve, potentially leading to vision problems. Today, OptiLASIK™ Laser Vision Correction actually adapts to the unique curvature of your eyes, reshaping it more closely to an ideal, natural eye shape.

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