Presbyopia Treatment

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presbyopiaPresbyopia is a result of the eye’s gradual inability to focus for near as the eye’s internal lens and the muscles that control it lose elasticity. The condition cannot be directly corrected with laser vision correction.

Presbyopia options

There are a few options in dealing with the focusing problems caused by presbyopia. People with a slight amount of nearsightedness can simply remove their glasses to read. However, people who wear contacts or did not have to wear glasses for distance vision previously, will need to wear reading glasses for close up work. Bifocals can also eliminate the need to constantly change glasses to see well at different distances. For those people who would prefer not wearing reading glasses or bifocals due to presbyopia, the excimer laser can create a condition called monovision.

What is monovision?

Monovision is achieved by correcting one eye for near vision and the other for distance. Both eyes can adjust to work together. If you have healthy eyes and are looking for an alternative to wearing reading glasses, monovision makes it possible to repeatedly change the range of focus without constantly removing or adding corrective lenses. This option is particularly helpful for people who shift their vision often from near to far, such as teachers and public speakers who address audiences. Some patients choose to wear a contact lens for prolonged distance vision (i.e.: golfing) or near vision (i.e.: reading).

Although many patients are satisfied with monovision, there are a few disadvantages to consider. Patients may notice decreased depth perception or blurred vision. Our staff may recommend a trial period for monovision using soft contact lenses prior to their excimer procedure. This will allow patients to determine if they can adapt well to the situation. If, after having the procedure, the patient has a difficult time adjusting, it is possible to have the laser correct the near eye for distance vision.

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