Patient Stories

“I am just so happy with the results.  I feel more confident since I had the procedure.  I saw a friend whom I hadn’t seen for a couple of years and she told me that I look 20 years younger!  This is something I had wanted to do for decades, and am thrilled I finally had it done.  The genuine concern that Dr. Meyers conveyed to me during my procedure was so comforting.  I am a patient of Dr. Benedict’s for my retina care, so I have a lot of faith in both Meyers Aesthetic Center as well as the Eye Care Center.”

Gina C.

“I had just an exceptional experience with Dr. Meyers from beginning to end. I am a retired nurse manager/administrator and have been exposed to the medical field for my entire career; Everything exceeded my expectations – the entire process, to include the entire staff, displayed excellent, friendly, compassionate patient service and care. Dr. Meyers showed me the utmost empathy, compassion and bedside manner. I found Dr. Meyers through word of mouth, having been recommended by man of my neighbors who loved him. The very next day following my cataract surgery, I had nothing more than a tiny bit of blurriness – absolutely no irritation or scratchiness. I have a very complicated and complex medical history, and most doctors don’t take the time to read my extensive history. Dr. Meyers not only took the time to read it, but cared enough to fully understand me and all I have been through. With as busy as he is caring for patients, that really made an impression on me.”

June B.

“Everything you all did to get Jeff taken care of on an emergency basis meant so much to us.  It got Jeff back to work sooner.  I consider your doctors the best, and wanted nothing but the best for my sweetheart.”

Mary Lynn B.

“I appreciate the friendly and knowledgeable staff that is so supportive. My recent lens replacement surgery in both eyes, by Dr. Micah Rothstein was an outstandingly good experience.

I highly recommend them for anyone needing eye care or routine examinations.”

Herb B.

“That is exactly what I needed. Although I wish I hadn’t had to go there yesterday, we were very impressed with the friendliness and responsiveness of the Eye Care Center staff. I feel like I’m in good hands in dealing with my vision issues.”

Mark B.