It’s not every day that you see a grown man dressed as a baby riding a tricycle down the hallway to use the copy machine. But that, my friend, is Halloween at the Eye Care Center! Many medical offices decorate and keep a bowl of candy at the front desk.. but years ago, someone at the Eye Care Center decided that it just wasn’t enough. I have seen the old pictures and heard the stories, but you can’t really begin to fathom the extent of the costumes and Halloween festivities in the office until you see it for yourself.

When a perfect stranger finds out you work at the Eye Care Center and immediately starts talking about Halloween, the reality of the situation begins to set in. Turns out, we have multiple patients who insist that their annual exam be on October 31st every year… These people don’t dread going to the doctor, they count down the days to their appointment!

I walked in the doors today dressed like Rosie the Riveter and wondering what I was about to witness, unsure of what to expect. Remember those Halloween’s in elementary school? Where everyone is happy and all things are right with the world because in the back of your mind you can’t stop thinking about the doughnuts hanging from the ceiling that you will later devour without using your hands, or the apples you will bob for (did anyone actually do that?), and of course the sugar induced coma you will find yourself in after consuming handfuls of Smarties and Milk Duds. That is what today feels like.

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