With and without cataractWhen people discuss having trouble with their eyes, cataracts are often mentioned.  Aside from basic vision problems, cataracts are among the most common eye problems.  Most cases of cataracts effect people who are over 40, so it is important to understand what cataracts are and how to treat them.  If you have cataracts, getting regular eye exams from Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado, with one of our offices conveniently located in Boulder, is likely your best defense for keeping your eyes as healthy as you can.

What are cataracts?

Cataracts happen when a natural protein builds up in the eyes and creates a cloud over the clear lens.  Cataracts can build up very slowly, and the change can be so subtle that many people don’t even notice there is a problem.  But they are a problem.  More than 20 million people over 40 years of age are affected by cataracts, and if they are not treated, the end result could be blindness.

Eye Health is About More Than Vision

Most people don’t think much about going to the eye doctor unless they notice that there is something wrong with their vision.  When their vision seems to have leveled out, they might not bother going at all.  While cataracts will likely affect vision eventually, the sooner an eye care professional identifies cataracts or any other eye health issue, the easier it will be for them to treat it.  This is one reason why regular eye exams are so important, and can be done in our Boulder location.

While the doctors at Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado can certainly give patients feedback about their vision, their capabilities stretch much further.  Rather than just having an ophthalmologist available, the Eye Care Center has several medical doctors on staff that will look at their patient’s total eye health.  Several of these are surgeons, so if a problem is discovered there is an experienced doctor on-site that can provide the patient with the care they need.

Personal Service

Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado has been in business since 1969 helping those with vision problems, eye illnesses, eye injuries, and procedures such as LASIK.  In that time, we have learned that no two pair of eyes are the same and require genuine, unique care.  No matter what the issue is, we believe that each patient deserves personalized care that will leave them feeling good about their experience, and encourage them to take good care of their eyes.