Little girl eye chart

There are many reasons why people want to get an eye exam.  Some people experience uncomfortable eye conditions, such as dry eye, and are looking for a way to alleviate their symptoms.  Others find they are prone to eye diseases such as conjunctivitis (pink eye) and are looking for ways to treat it and advice on how to prevent it.  Still, others have a child whose teacher has just reported that they are squinting to see the board at the front of the classroom, and parents suspect that their child may need their first pair of glasses.  Teens that have been wearing glasses for a while may be asking parents for contact lenses.

Taking the Next Step

Adults that are ready to wake up each morning to a clearer world might be ready to talk about LASIK or other more permanent vision correction.  Those over the age of 40 need regular exams in order to watch for conditions that are more likely to come with aging, such as cataracts, glaucoma or macular degeneration.  Those that suffer from diabetes need to watch for signs of diabetic eye disease.  In any of these situations, we at the Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado see patients in Boulder and are ready with the qualified medical professionals our patients need to ensure their vision is corrected as much as possible and that their overall eye health is at its best.

Importance of Eye Care Maintenance

Some people don’t think about going in for an eye exam until they notice a specific problem, but eye care maintenance is extremely important.  People need to think of making an appointment with their eye doctor in the same way they think of making an appointment to go see their primary care physician for their annual physical exam.

For those who have a history of healthy eyes and good or consistent vision, it might not be necessary to schedule an eye exam every year, but regular exams are recommended at least every couple of years.  Some eye problems can present themselves very suddenly but others, such as cataracts, can sneak in with such subtlety that the patient doesn’t notice what’s happening.  Neglecting to care for cataracts can result in blindness, and anyone over the age of 40 is at risk of developing them.

The eyes are among our most valuable assets, and to many they are the key to independence!  Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado, with our newest location in Boulder, Colorado, has been focused on multispecialty eye care since 1969, and we are ready to help our patients with the next step of their eye care.  We work with several different insurance companies in order to ensure that we provide everyone with the eye care they deserve.