Like to buy a vowel comicEye Care Center is a Boulder eye clinic that offers not only eye surgery but also routine eye examinations for children and adults alike.  We encourage every single Boulder resident to have an eye exam at least once a year, as this enables us to catch problems while they are still small and even prevent certain types of eye problems that can be expensive to remedy later on.

While our doctors are experienced and offer top quality care, there are some things you can do to help us provide the eye care you need and deserve.  Following are some tips on preparing for your annual eye exam:

Tell Us About Your Work

Telling us about your work and work habits can help us offer preventative care.  If you work at a computer all day long and/or are on your phone regularly, this can cause eye damage and we need to know about it so we can give you an accurate diagnosis and/or glasses prescription.  If you work outdoors a lot then it is important to let us know so we can recommend glasses that will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Assess Your Eye Symptoms

Do your eyes get dry, itchy, burn or water excessively?  If so, let us know the specifics of how often this occurs and what activities cause your problems.  It is not enough to just tell us that your eyes bother you; we need to know the specifics so that we can provide you with the right form of care.

Tell Us About Your Health

If you have diabetes type one or two, let us know.  Diabetes almost always affects a person’s eyesight, so we need to know about this condition so we can check for and prevent eye problems you may be susceptible to.  We also need to know if certain health and/or eye problems run in your family.

Getting ready for your annual eye exam involves more than simply making an appointment and then coming to see us.  Take a little time to think about how your eyesight has fared over the last year so that you can provide detailed answers that will help our Boulder doctors give you an accurate diagnosis.  The more information you provide us with, the higher quality of care we can offer you.