Cataract Surgeon Micah W Rothstein, MD Video Transcript

Glaucoma is a disease that has, depending on how you characterize it, probably over 30 different subtypes. I take care of the entire range. I also do a lot of cataract work. Cataracts are inherently part of the aging process, so cataract surgery is something that is integral to the practice; whether it is a glaucoma patient or just a cataract patient, but the glaucoma surgery has evolved tremendously from a fairly invasive procedure with long recoveries to using minimally-invasive techniques that really are much quicker, reduce risk and also improve recovery times for patients. There is an important aspect to care that involves the whole team. A visit to the office might be an hour and a half, of which I see patients 10 to 20 minutes. So whether it is a good experience checking in, to a good experience at the back end, I want people to really feel relaxed.

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