Cornea and Refractive Surgery Procedures Aimee Verner, MD MD Video Transcript

My name is Aimee Verner, and I am the cornea and refractive specialist external disease physician at the Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado. I treat diseases of the front of the eye, so anything from infectious diseases of the front of the eye, to neoplastic diseases of the front of eye, and inherited conditions as well. As a cornea specialist, I see a lot of patients who have symptoms from cataracts and are needing them removed. I see keratoconus quite frequently, which is a disease of the cornea where the cornea becomes progressively thinner and more cone-shaped. I like cornea because it is so diverse. Again, you get the infectious keratitis, which is infections from things like contact lens wear, to inherited diseases, and you also have refractive surgery, which is always in teresting and exciting to be able to offer; so just really the diversity of conditions in patients.

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