General Ophthalmologist profile Irene Olijnyk, MD Video Transcript

I am Irene Olijnyk, and I am a general ophthalmologist here at the Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado. I have been with the Eye Care Center for 38 years, and I practiced a year before that in Chicago. I know that I have always wanted to have a career; something that was challenging, rewarding, and something where I could be of service. When I was in medical school, we went through all of the different medical fields, and I knew that I wanted to do something both office work and surgery. I love ophthalmology because it is so direct; you can look in the eye and immediately tell what somebody has without extensive testing and waiting for results for days or weeks. My care philosophy is to respect the patient, be concerned for the patient, and make an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan with all the modalities that I have.

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