Glaucoma and Cataract Surgeon profile Anjali Sheth, MD Video Transcript

I was born in North Carolina, and I grew up in New Jersey. I went to all my schooling on the east coast. While I was in undergraduate at NYU, I worked at an ophthalmology office for just experience for my medical school applications. I worked with a really great ophthalmologist that trained me as a medical assistant and technician and really exposed me to the field of ophthalmology, and that is what drew me to actually going into ophthalmology as a career path. My care philosophy with patients is really integrative. I think that it is important to have a team approach where the patient and usually the patient’s families are involved in the decision making. My role is to help educate patients about what their condition is, what the options are, the risks, benefits, consequences of treatment or no treatment, and then work with them to find the best options for their lifestyle, quality of life and what they’re expecting.

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