Glaucoma Specialist Micah W Rothstein, MD Video Transcript

As a glaucoma specialist, we are very subspecialized, so we will often get referrals from other practitioners that the problem has sort of gotten beyond their level of expertise. So we deal a lot with tertiary glaucoma problems as well as the initial diagnosis from someone that is going from glaucoma suspicion to someone that is actually diagnosed with glaucoma. We care for the whole spectrum of the disease. We do a lot of visual field testing, a lot of photographs, a lot of imaging. It is all part of making the diagnosis. I think it is really important that patients understand all of this testing. A lot of times they do tests and they wonder “why am I being subjected to this difficult test? Is it necessary?” I think it helps to understand their chronic disease; it really also helps for them to be able to actually participate in their treatment, and I think we get better outcomes that way.

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