Oculoplastic Surgeon Joel S Meyers, MD Video Transcript

As an oculofacial plastic specialist, I see a wide variety of patients, and they are patients who have congenital problems, patients who have had accidents, patients who have developed problems through just accumulating enough birthdays. My job is to listen carefully to what the patients are telling me and learn from them what their problems are, and then work together with them to come up with a treatment that is going to give them the best results possible based on their needs. I see adults who have a wide variety of problems associated with the function of their tear duct system wherein they have problems where tears do not want to drain properly, congenital problems, children who are born with blocked tear ducts, droopy eyelids; then there is the other portion of my practice where we do cataract surgery using the most advanced techniques available to allow our patients to get that best treatment.

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