Optometry Dry Eye Exams Jane Wolford, OD Video Transcript

On a typical day there is a variety of procedures that come into my room; anything from the anterior front structure of the eye to posterior back structure of the eye. We will do corneal foreign body removal, whether someone has a piece of metal, a piece of wood, a piece of silica in their eye; I will remove that and then we will put a bandage contact lens over that eye so it can take the requisite 72+ hours to heal. Procedurally from a dry eye standpoint, we have a whole battery of testing procedures. We have testing procedures to measure the quality and quantity of your tear film; we can watch your blink rate; we can check the health of the oil glands and meibomian glands in the upper and lower lids. We are able to assess all of those layers and that tells me how I treat this particular person’s dry eye.

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