Optometry Eye Doctor profile Robert Krone, OD Video Transcript

I am Robert Krone. I am an optometrist over here at the Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado. This is my tenth year at Northern Colorado, but I am from Chicago where I practiced for 20 years. Early on I loved science. My father is a veterinarian, and the same with my grandfather. I just did not want to be a veterinarian because I did not want that to be my whole life. How I got into this field, optometry in particular, is kind of because my father suggested it believe it or not. I just reflected back as a child that I have always been able to determine how I felt about a person; it really tells a lot about them through their eyes, and I just did more investigating on optometry and I saw that this is a never-ending learning situation. I was just really attracted to it and pursued it, and it has been phenomenal. To be able to help someone that has difficulty seeing, and with the talents that I have, to get them to see is a wonderful thing. I have been doing this close to 30 years and I am not tired of it.

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