Retina conditions Justin M Kanoff, MD Video Transcript

First and foremost, I am an ophthalmologist trained to treat all different conditions of the eye, but I have chosen to specialize specifically in retina. It is actually the part of the eye that physically lets you see light and then sends that information to the brain. I have chosen to focus in the field of retina because of the amazing scientific advances that have been made over the last 10 or 15 years. One of the most common diseases we treat is macular degeneration. The actual procedure itself is really very simple for patients, very straightforward, and usually very painless. The great news is that we are able to restore patients’ vision and prevent it from getting worse. I feel very privileged and excited to work at the Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado. One of the big advantages we have in this clinic for treating patients is we have many different types of eye specialists under one roof. I am a retina specialist, but I am able to work closely with my cornea specialist colleagues, my glaucoma colleagues, and through coordinated care we are able to have the best outcome for a patient all under one roof.

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