Retina conditions William L Benedict, MD Video Transcript

As retinal specialists, we pretty much deal with everything in the eye that is posterior to the lens of the eye. As my son once said, “you’re a back of the eye guy dad.” You do not get a lot of second chances with the retina. The retina is a nerve tissue that does not regenerate, so you spend a lot of time trying to preserve and save the retina. Retinal conditions are often quite scary for patients because people have all heard of things like macular degeneration and retinal detachments, and most diabetics know that they can go blind from diabetes. So, most people coming into the office are quite anxious; many of them are afraid, especially on their first visit when they don’t know why they are being sent. We deal with things ranging from retinovascular diseases, macular degeneration, trauma. The Eye Care Center is very well versed for retinal treatments. We have all of the latest greatest modern technology. We have four retinal specialists who are very skilled and very knowledgeable about retinal diseases, and there is virtually nothing we can’t handle and nothing we can’t tackle here.

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