Retina Surgeon profile Justin M Kanoff, MD Video Transcript

My name is Dr. Justin Kanoff, and I am one of the retina specialists here at the Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado. My most important job is taking care of patients and treating their eye diseases both medically and surgically. I am originally from Dallas, Texas, born and raised. My wife and I live in Longmont, Colorado with our two children, ages 6 and 8. Growing up I always knew I wanted to become a doctor. I have been drawn to the combination of math and science and just the ability to help and treat patients. During medical school is when I discovered the exciting field of ophthalmology and decided that that is what I wanted to do with my life. My care philosophy is always to put the patient first and treat each and every patient like myself or I would want my family treated. What I like best about ophthalmology is really it is an opportunity to have an enormous impact in patient’s lives. Patients often consider sight one of their most valuable assets, and in ophthalmology and retina, we get to spend all of our time saving and restoring sight, which is an amazing opportunity.

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