Retina Surgeon profile Matthew W Manry, MD Video Transcript

My name is Dr. Matthew Manry. I am a board-certified ophthalmologist and retina specialist. I came out to Colorado because I had been skiing out here for the last 10 years or so and enjoyed the nice active Colorado lifestyle. The Eye Care Center, when I looked at practices all over the country, developed excellent clinical care and great patient care that was on par with the type of care that I wanted to deliver. I had an interest from a very young age in becoming a doctor. My grandfather was a general practitioner in Central Florida. It was a small farming community, and I remember he would see patients and the patients were able to pay him in chickens and horses and everything else, and I just really liked the idea of being able to take the time to try to help someone. What drew me into ophthalmology specifically was the idea of being able to really improve the quality of someone’s life. What is good for one patient is not necessarily good for all patients, and I try to tailor a therapy specifically to what I think will be best in that scenario. I would say that as a new member of the Eye Care Center, it is very exciting to be part of such a wonderful organization, and I look forward to being able to provide my expertise to the eye care in the Northern Colorado area.

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