Retina Surgeon profile William L Benedict, MD Video Transcript

I am Bill Benedict, and I am one of the original retinal specialists in Northern Colorado. I guess back when I started there were a couple of people in Denver, and then from Denver to the Canadian border was just me. Ophthalmology was kind of a fluke. I was all set to be an orthopedic surgeon, and I was put into a 2-week ophthalmology rotation that I did not ask for. I liked the idea that it was a combination of a surgical and clinical medical practice; filled out a bunch of ophthalmology applications, and am very happy I did that. I am very patient-centric. I feel that the more people understand their disease and what is going on and what their options are, the better off they are. When you look at surveys, losing sight is one of the biggest fears people have. To restore someone’s sight, prevent them from losing it, slow their vision loss, you know it is very gratifying. I love working in Northern Colorado. The people are wonderful, the location is wonderful; I grew up in the area and I am kind of a mountain boy at heart. I could not think of a better place to practice.

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