Dr. Melissa Burton, OD graduated from the University of Michigan and attended Graduate School at the Illinois Eye Institute, in Chicago. During her 4th year of Graduate School rotations here in Colorado she met her husband, Josh, who is originally from Manitou Springs. January 2023 starts her third year with Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado, ECCNC.

Prior to working for ECCNC Dr. Burton worked in Louisville for almost 5 years. There she would refer patients that required surgery or other advanced specialty care to the doctors at ECCNC. After working closely in a co-management relationship with the surgeons at ECCNC she knew she wanted to work directly with them; the rest is history.

She loves the diversity provided by her profession. Everything from educating children about how eyes work and why they may need glasses for the first time, to the 75-year-old who has new onset double vision with reading. Additionally, practicing at ECCNC allows her the opportunity to practice at the highest level since ECCNC has the most up to date diagnostic testing and imaging to help guide a patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan.

She and Josh have a son, Peter, who is almost 2-years-old (and quite the cutie!). If she manages to get any spare time she loves running, CrossFit, walking, skiing and golfing. Essentially enjoying all that Colorado has to offer!