OCT Angiography

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OCT Angiography (OCTA) for the Diagnosis of Retinal Vascular Disorder and Macular Degeneration

This technology provides advanced diagnostic techniques for retinal diseases.  The OCT machine takes 70,000 scans per second of the patient’s retina and uses that information to construct a 3D representation.  The software then compares the 3D models created over time and pinpoints objects that are moving – these moving objects are tiny red blood cells.  The computer is then able to use this knowledge of the location and movement of red blood cells to construct a model of the patient’s retinal blood vessels – all done without any injection of dye.  This whole process takes about 3 seconds.  The physicians of Retina Consultants of Northern Colorado are able to use this information to improve treatment for their patients.  This new tool does not replace conventional dye-based angiography, but rather compliments it; patients may still require traditional angiography in order to provide the most accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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